Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I went to visit Pepsi again with Debbie, who is his caretaker while Ann is in France. It was great to see him again and this time I was able to help a lot more. Luckily he was close by when we got there so there was no hiking to find him. I am not sure if he recognized me, but he came right up to me when I got to the fence and let me pet him on the head right away.

Boy was Pepsi muddy. It has been raining here for several days and it really shows. He must have been rolling in the mud because he was covered head to toe. Debbie brought him into his stall and we spent over 30 minutes brushing him to get all the dried mud out of his fur. And he was shedding his winter coat so there was dust and fur flying everywhere. There was no hay in the stall for him, so when his oats ran out he nudged me for more, so Debbie had to go up in the hay loft and throw some down so we could continue to brush him. Then I got to feed him carrots and apples and he slobbered all over my hands, so much so that I had to find a hose and rinse off.

We also saw a foal that was less than a week old. It is hard to see him in the photo because it was so far away from the fence. It was great to get out and I felt great the whole time and my back did not bother me (at least I forgot about it for a while so that's good). I was a little sore when I got back into the car, but not too bad.
From Pepsi

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  1. ohhh my riding instructor just emailed me about the new baby (he's a boy, they haven't picked a name yet). he's the cutest thing!

    comments on your picasa album: picture 4 of 16 actually isn't Pepsi, he's another similarly colored horse called Coco Bay.

    12 of 16 - haha yeah that mare (Avalon Slew) makes Pepsi and I look so bad! that's her trainer Staunton with her, her owners come up all the time and keep Avvie totally sleek and perfect looking.

    thanks for sharing!