Friday, March 20, 2009

From Our New Home

Another beautiful day here in Charlottesville. Today is officially the first day of spring. My day started early enough to see the sunrise showing the trees again, but this time I was able to get up and take a picture of the scene.

Before lunch Tom drove me to my PCP and we picked up my records from both hospitals. It cost us $42.50 for my doctor's office to print them out for us. And we could not get them mailed to us from the hospitals directly because they would not release them to me except in person. The privacy laws for medical records just prevents the patient from getting their own records. We need the records so we can start writing an appeal to the insurance company. The letter needs to have copies of records sited.

My friend Debbie from karate picked me up today and brought me along while she took care of her daughter's (Ann, also from karate, who is in France for study abroad) horse Pepsi. I rested in the car and enjoyed the sunshine and the view while Debbie cleaned his stall and then looked for Pepsi in fields (which are big). I wish I had brought my camera. Then I followed her to the barn and kept her company while she brushed him and cleaned is hooves.

The walk from the car to the barn was very short and easy (paved, no stairs or hills). I am supposed to walk every day per the PT from the hospital, and this was much nicer than the kitchen and the back deck even. I was wearing my back brace and walking slowly and carefully, and my back was fine. It was a little sore when I returned to the car, but nothing unmanageable.

At the end I got to help feed him carrots and apple pieces. I seemed to forget all of my pain and stress while I was there with Pepsi. Horses really are therapeutic. Debbie goes every week, so I may get to go more.


  1. You met my baby Pepsi! He's so above and beyond theraputic that it's not even funny. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip up (my mom never tells me these things!), and I hope he did not slobber on you too much when you fed him treats.

    I'm glad he can help someone else while I'm away ... to be honest I miss him more than I miss most two-feets. Anyway, glad to hear you're getting out and about a bit more.

  2. I did not want to tell you about it because I thought that you would get homesick, but I could not help but write about it because it was such a nice experience. He did slobber on my hands a little, but that ok. I hope your mom invites me back! I can't wait to go again. Pepsi misses you too!