Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling pretty good right now. The birds are chirping and Tom is in a good mood. I learned that a little caffeine goes a long way to counteract the sleepy and dopey side effects of the meds.

Tom cooked an awesome meal of steak and veggies on the barbie. My appetite is getting better.

We are in the middle of remodeling our living room (you know, that extra room across from the dinning room that no one ever uses except maybe formal company). A few weeks ago we bought a bunch of book cases from ikea.

Here's our to-do list:
  • paint the walls and trim
  • install lighting
  • make or buy bay window treatment
  • assemble and install book cases
  • pick out new furniture
  • cover the seat cushions of an old chair
  • build a bench seat in front of the bay window
  • sort through my books and trinkets, get rid of a lot of stuff
  • stock the shelves and decorate

We only got as far as emptying the room and some of the lighting before I was injured. Tom is currently finishing the lighting and will be painting soon. I feel really bad that I can't help him. (Home improvement is a past-time for us. Tom helped me renovate my condo in Herndon.)

I have been procrastinating with cleaning out the boxes that have been there since we moved in (some are from my parents' house of old things that belong to me). Now I wish I could work on it, but I can't. This injury is making me see my life differently, and my need to set the right priorities. Ok God, I get the message. Can you make me better now?

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