Monday, March 9, 2009

Tom took me to my doctor today. It was nice getting outside, but it was hard getting in and out of the car. Other than that, the pain meds did their job and lasted through the appointment. Dr D and his student poked, pushed, and prodded, and asked a lot of questions. Tom was a big help because I was having trouble putting sentences together.

Dr D gave me an Rx for a longer lasting pain med so I don't wake up in pain. He also gave me a different muscle relaxer for the muscle spasms that seem to be getting worse on the current med. The key is not to let the pain get bad and then take meds, but keep the level constant to prevent pain all the time. Sounds like a good plan to me. Then he referred me to an orthopedic doc to make sure things are healing properly. No physical therapy scheduled at this time, Dr D is going to leave that up to the ortho doc.

We spent over an hour at the office, and I was grateful the office was not too busy. I am also grateful Tom was able to take time out of work to take me to the doc's office. Not only am I not allowed to drive, but I needed him there to ask and answer questions and take notes. He seems stressed lately with all the pressure of taking care of me and catching up with his work from last week.

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