Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last night was hard. I went six hours between pain med doses without realizing it, and I now know how much pain I could be in. I could not find a comfortable position that did not hurt. The pain is sharp and hot, and almost brought me to tears. It seemed to take forever for the meds to take effect again. But eventually it did, and I got to sleep around 1:30am.

I am trying to take the lowest dose with as much time between as I can stand. For example, the Rx reads "1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours." Last night I took 1 tab over six hours, and that let the pain creep in. Also, it seems that more is needed to get the same pain relief. I am really worried about getting hooked on the meds, but I don't like the pain, so I am willing to take that chance and deal with it later.

I am also worried about gaining weight from this whole ordeal. My appetite is low, but I have to eat something with every pain med dose or it makes me throw up. And of course I am not getting much exercise except for my trice daily hobbles around the kitchen island.

Well, this dose of pain meds is starting to take effect and it is getting hard to type. Here is a picture of me with the flowers my work sent me.
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  2. Jennifer,

    Definitely best to stay ahead of the pain, especially as night approaches. Do the doctors know about how long you'll be having pain?