Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh shower, how I love thee.

Last night I made it up the stairs and got a shower. Tom helped me, and I never appreciated a shower more, other than maybe after a weekend of summer backpacking. Then I got to sleep in bed next to Tom, which I really missed too. That was about 10:30pm. Pretty early night for a Friday, but oh well, I do have a broken back.

I awoke at 6am needing to pee and I tried to get up without waking Tom. I realized how much harder it is to get out of bed than the recliner. The hard part is sitting up or rolling onto my side and pushing myself up. All of my pain meds wore off (my last dose was 6pm last night) and I ended up waking Tom anyway with my yelp of pain.

Tom helped me out of bed and down the stairs to the recliner, fixed me breakfast so I could take my pain meds, and went back to sleep. So now I am sitting here wide awake, waiting for them to take effect, hoping the spasm will call down. Since I am not dopey, I got through a whole episode of Sarah Connor. Thank God for DVRs.

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