Friday, March 27, 2009

I fell asleep on the recliner last night while reading around 8pm and now here I am wide awake. I usually feel my best when I first wake up in the morning and get progressively more sore throughout the day. I have been taking lots of naps in hopes that it will help me heal more quickly, but this messes up my sleep schedule (this was no problem the first few weeks because of the meds and I am guessing intense healing). I have also been taking maximum doses of tylenol and naproxen, but has been pretty hard on my stomach. And what's up with the head aches and dizziness?

I have an appointment with my PCP later this morning to tell him what is giong on and ask for some non-narcotic pain meds that are better than the otc stuff I have been using. Maybe he will give me an Rx for PT so I can get started sooner than my ortho appointment on Wedensday of next week.

Last night I cooked for the second time since the accident. Just some simple flounder that I seasoned and breaded with waffle fries in the oven and green beans in the microwave. Last time I cooked it was just a frozen bag meal in the skillet. This was much better and another milestone in my recovery. Tom really enjoyed it, especially when I served him on the recliner like he served me for 3 weeks. He more than deserved it.

As the dawn light starts to appear I notice the cool foggy conditions. But I guess it is not so neat if you have to drive to work in it. Hopefully the weather will hold up for my visit with Pepsi today.

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