Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doing better

I just found a feature in facebook that allows you to simulaneously publish an outside blog on your facebook notes. So you all can leave comments in either location.

The pain is well managed, but the meds make me sleepy and stupid. I can't get through a half-hour show without falling asleep. Working on the computer is good because it keeps my mind awake and active.

Still have lots of nausea, but I am keeping down the food and meds. The major pain is located just below my waist to the right of center. So went I lift my leg while reclining or try to pull the recliner lever up with my right arm, it really hurts. Walking is still difficult, but less painful than yesterday. I still can't walk without the walker because I need to use my arms to take the weight off my legs and back. Laying back in the recliner is relatively painless, but I really hurts when I cough or hickup.

My employer Aker Wade Power Technologies send me flowers and it really helped lift my spirits. I miss work and all my buddies there.

Our house is two stories, with no full bath or bedroom on the first floor. I now know why retieries buy single-story or first-floor-masters houses. I want a regular shower so bad, but I can't get up the stairs at this time. When I do, it will be a major milestone for me. My parents are going through the same situation with my 86 year young grandmother who can get up the stairs on her own in my parent's house.

My dad will be leaving Friday afternoon when Tom gets back from his customer calls. I will miss him. He has been a big help and keeping me company (when I am awake).

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