Friday, August 7, 2009

Travel Blog Coming Soon.

Tom and I got back from our trip Monday, but since then we have been be very busy. I have been spending my spare time working on the 1000+ photos we took. I have also re-immersed myself completely in working out. The hiking on this trip made me realize how out of shape I am, and how much I need to improve before our trip to New Zealand. That also means losing 25 pounds in 25 weeks, which is quite doable, trips to the gym almost every day, and hiking every weekend.

Check back soon for my travel blog. I journaled every day of the trip, so you will all get accurate first-hand accounts of our activities. Unlike my everglades trip where I tried to make a blog post of every day of the trip, I will be splitting it up into one blog per section: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Craters of the Moon.

In the mean time, please check out all of my hard work at my web album for photos. Add comments too. If you have a google account, please add me as a "favorite." This is done by clicking on "Add to Favorites" in the top of the right column under "Photos by Jennifer." If you do this I will feel like a million bucks with a fan base, and you can get updates when I add new photos.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Craters of the Moon and Arco, Idaho.

Day 9

While cooking breakfast at the campsite, a young coyote visited us. He just walked through the campsite sniffing the air, and just kept walking. Sorry, no pictures.

From Craters of the Moon NM

We hiked several more trails around the park among the lava flows, including large mounds and craters. I had fun reading the interpretative guide out loud to the guys while we walked from site to site. At least they seemed interested.

From Arco

By noon, things were really cooking, so we decided to make a beer run in Arco. The submarine sail was intriguing and we stopped to take a look. There were torpedos and other war memorials there, along with a retired guy who talked about his work on nuclear sub engine testing at Electric Boat.

Back at camp, we cooked an awesome dinner of chicken fajitas among night hawks flying overhead.

We took down our tent because there was no tree shade at the campsite, and decided to sleep under the stars on a tarp in our sleeping bags. Not too cold, but the moon was sooo bright, I had to cover my eyes with a tee shirt to get to sleep. And no dew in the morning either, it is the desert after all. I slept great, but Tom did not because he was worried about the moths landing on his face.