Friday, June 19, 2009

Kitten Profiles

The names Miley and Billy Ray were given to them by the spca staff. Several of our friends gave us grief for these names, so we are open to suggestions for new ones.

The boy is very sweet and cuddly, but only after he tires himself out with play. He likes to chase, grab, and bite your feet and has almost been stepped on and kicked several times. Favorite things: food, feet, catnip.

The girl is a beautiful princess and knows it. Since she is part Siamese, she is very vocal, especially when she is hungry. Just as playful as her brother but less vicious. Not as cuddly, but will nap with you if you pick her up when tired. Favorite things: food, sunbeams.

They still spend the night in the bathroom, and stay in the upstairs hallway and bathroom while we are gone. They don't seem to mind the bathroom, as long as they are together. Otherwise they have free reign of the house and chase and play everywhere.

They both purr loudly and rub up against me when I feed them in the bathroom and check on them before bed.

From Kitten Foster 5

Foster Kittens are now Schultz Kittens

Our foster kittens Miley and Billy Ray were fixed today (Thursday) and we officially adopted them. They were our fifth set of fosters, and our 11th and 12th foster kittens/cats since starting last spring. Every kitten was hard to give back, but we are particularly fond of these two.

They are both doing well and recovering nicely from surgery. Miley had a harder time of it and hated her brother for the first few hours.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kitten Update

The kittens are feeling much better. They are eating on their own, both wet and dry kitten food, and off all meds. They have lots of energy and we frequently give them the run of the upstairs of the house to play and explore. These two are the sweetest I have ever fostered, and are going to be very hard to give back to the spca.

From Kitten Foster 5