Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Monday

So today was a busy day of firsts for Tyler. He decided to climb out of the exersaucer. Then he pulled up by himself for the first time. Then he decided to climb out of the baby tub so we switched to the big tub.
When he pulled up it was close to his nap time and he was feeling cranky. So when he could not get down he got a little upset.
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9 Month Checkup

So here are the results from Tyler's most recent checkup at the doctor's office. He measured at 29 3/4" inches long (90%) and 8 1/2 pounds (18%). Dr. L. was happy with his progress. She looked in his ears and noticed one of his eardrums was a little red. The possibility of him having an ear infection was a complete surprise to me and Tom because Tyler has not been sick or even pulling on his ear. Dr. L. decided to postpone his vaccinations and check on him in two weeks.