Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just thought of something that I forgot to follow up a previous blog. It has to do with the CPA in NJ who does our taxes. Tom asked the CPA during the meeting last Saturday if we can do our future returns with email and phone only (without a meeting). The CPA said that he has lots of customers across the country who don't meet with him in person. So Tom said that we can do this too in the future. I don't mind the drive to NJ and seeing the family, but I don't like the time constraint of making an appointment a couple months in advance, and being restricted to February and March, with no chance to reschedule. I would rather visit in the summer when the weather is better scheduling is more flexible. So I am happy that our taxes are done now and we are set for next year and years to come with a good CPA that we don't have to drive 5+ hours to see.

Some good things did come out of Tom's visit home last weekend.
1. Our taxes are done.
2. I spent quality time with my Dad.
3. His family sent home gifts.
4. His sister got to ride back with him halfway to meet her ride for going back to college (his parents would have had to do this).
5. Tom is in a much better mood since he got back. It seems the weekend he got away from home and our situation really helped him relieve stress.

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