Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today was a good day. The weather was warm and sunny, and Tom took me out for errands. The car ride is getting more bearable, as long as it is not too long or bumpy. First we stopped at my doctor's office to pick up some forms, the to the DMV to pick up a handicapped parking placard. I thought that I had to be there in person to get it, but it turned out that I didn't. Oh least I got out of the house.

Sitting at the DMV for 20 minutes was difficult. The chairs there are very hard and uncomfortable, especially for someone in my condition. So I stood and paced slowly in the back of the room and that helped keep my muscles warm and loose. [The physical therapist from the hospital said I need to do plenty of walking, as much as I can every day without hurting myself.]

Today was my first public appearance since the accident (besides the doctor office). Everyone at the DMV stared at me and I did not like that. They were probably thinking, "What is that young lady with no cast or splint doing with a walker?? She must be faking it to get handicapped plates." Ok, so maybe they weren't thinking all that, but they sure were staring. Now I have a new appreciation for handicapped people; and I have appreciation for handicapped ramps, doors, bathrooms, elevators, parking...etc.

So far I can't go without the walker. I have tried it at home, but it makes a big difference, and I can't swing my right leg all the way forward when I take a step on that side. Plus I use my arms to keep the weight off my back. The walker makes me move more slowly and carefully overall.

Overall the pain was well managed today, even when I was up and about. It's the muscle spasms that creep up on me. Very sharp and painful. Sometimes it takes several seconds for them to go away. I have to concentrate, breathe, relax...

I am still waiting on my doctor office to get back with me on the orthopedic doctor referral. I called today and they are working on it, but I am anxious to see the specialist so hopefully I can get my referral for physical therapy. I can't wait to start physical therapy because it means progress. It means moving around and getting better without the fear of re-injuring myself. And maybe the ortho doc will give me a back brace so I will look as handicapped as I feel.

Our friends Jenny and Jere from the outdoor club were here tonight. Tom made coffee and cinnamon buns for us all, and we looked at pictures of the Harper's Ferry trip last weekend that we had to cancel because of my injury. It was very nice having them over and really helped lift my spirits. Jenny is planning on another trip this fall to the same place, and I should be up for it by then.

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  1. It was great to actually see you and get visual confirmation that you're in one piece and going to be okay! Hang in there. Please thank Tom for the yummy coffee and cinnamon buns - 2 for 2 on impeccable hospitality!