Monday, March 2, 2009

The nurses here are wonderful, the bed is comfortable, and the equipment is state-of-the-art. I am using leg constrictors to prevent blood clots because I have not walked since the accident. My last dose of IV pain meds was about 4pm, and now I am on oral meds. The doctor(s) will be here early in the morning to talk to me some more, and therapist will try to get me to walk. As for the body functions, they must all be normal before I can leave.

Tom was able to get some work done today in between taking care of me, and is now resting comfortably in his convertible chair-bed next to me. He has been so wonderful to me that I cannot express enough gratification in words or hugs.

As for these long letters, I love to journal, and I have written between naps. And there is nothing better to do but lay here and watch bad tv. If the grammar and spelling is bad, I apologize and blame it on the drugs. This way I have a good record and people can read it so I don’t have to repeat myself :)

Thanks again for all of your well wishes. I guess I never realized how many new friends we have in cville. It lifts me up knowing that I have friends and family thinking of me and praying for my recovery.

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