Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I slept through the night, and awoke in minimal amount of pain. My first day home was hard. I had trouble keeping down the meds, so I gave up and went without pain pills or muscle relaxors for most of the day. Took a round of meds around 6 with food and doing better. I am walking on my own with a walker.

Had to cancel my slim-down class at acac (my gym here in cville). For $30 you get a consultation with a specialist, weekly weigh-ins and meetings. I tried a meeting and signed up Friday before the accident. Also, it looks like they will put a hold on my membership (not charge me) until I am well enough to go again, but I have to call in the morning.

My dad has been great. Tom has been at work all day and would have had to cancel some very important meetings.

The hospital sent all of the CT scans home with me on cd, so I was able to guess where the fractures were.

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