Thursday, March 12, 2009

Took all my pain meds around midnight last night, and awoke fairly pain-free and spasm-free. That seems to be the trick. Or I am just getting better. I still can't bend at my torso, left/right or forward/back. And I still had some pain and spasms once I starting moving around this morning before I took my meds.

Still waiting for my doctor's office to call with an appointment to the orthopedic doctor.

One side effect I have noticed is blurred vision. It's not just tired-blurry. I can't read the info on the a/v receiver, and that is bothersome. The computer screen is blurry too. And squinting doesn't help. I have always had perfect or better that perfect vision. I hope it goes away when I get off the meds.

Another beautiful morning here is cville. It's a little too cold to open the windows, but the birds don't seem to mind. The goldfinches are fighting for the right to perch on the thistle feeder.

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