Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I went to the orthopedist today. Waited 2 hours for a 5 minute visit. I talked to a guy in the waiting room who just broke his back at snowshoe last month. It was a compression fracture of his L1 vertebra. He snowboarded off a jump and landed flat, and blamed snowshoe for bad grooming. He said it took a long time for the ambulance to get there and take him to Pocahontas (I think I waiting only 15 minutes). And he was able to convince them to transfer him to UVA hospital instead of Roanoke. Bummer for me. Maybe I should have been more persistent.

Anyway, the doctor did not prescribe physical therapy, even though I asked. He said I am still healing and should not have a person pushing me too hard. I think that's bs. They scheduled my next visit in July, and if I am still having problems I can get pt then, but otherwise things should heal on their own. Oh well. I was really hoping for pt because it always helps you recover faster.

About the insurance. I have been watching the claims come in to the insurance company through my online account and it looks like almost everything is going through. One of the doctors, or maybe the physical therapist at the Roanoke hospital, was not "in network" so they did not pay for any of it. It is only $70 but I am still going to dispute it.

I am leaving tomorrow for the Everglades. Don't worry about me, I am doing a lot better. This trip was arranged and paid for back in December and I am not going to let a little back pain get in my way. Plus I am a chaperon for these high school kids and they are depending on me :). The doctor said it was ok for me to go and that I won't injure myself worse, but that I need to take it easy, and I will. I won't have access to email or cell phone. So, I will see you on the eighth.

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