Monday, April 27, 2009

Montebello Camping

We had a great time camping with the outdoor club last weekend in the Jefferson National Forest, about an hour south of here near Crabtree Falls. It was a nice private campground with lots of amenities, so we weren't roughing it at all. The occasion was the club's 5-year anniversary and there were about 100 people coming and going from the club throughout the weekend. There was live music, good food, and lots of activities throughout the day.

Tom went hiking for a few hours on Saturday with a group while I did classes on map reading skills and native skills. I also took a quick dip in the cold lake and had a nice shower.

Tom and I did some fishing together on Friday evening after we set up our tent. Tom dug up some worms and let me use them, and I caught a nice little fish but set it free.

The walk from the tent to the pavilion where all the activities were held was uphill, so that made for a difficult time on my back. Plus it was hot (90's !), but nice at night. Saturday night I passed out early on my hammock. Tom woke me up looking for me in the dark, so I went back to the tent which was a lot less comfortable. I don't mind sleeping in the open but the sun wakes you up very early.

Overall we had a great weekend and arrived back with enough time to unpack and get the house ready for guests this week!

Pictures coming soon.

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  1. Glad you had fun! THanks so much for the spirit of your walkie-talkie rescue effort!