Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun with glass

Wednesday night I went to The Glass Palette with oasc. It was a blast. Think of an art studio that you can just walk in to and make something and pay for what you use. All lessons included. It is similar to a pottery studio that you may have been to when you were a kid for a birthday party, but this place is unique.

Fused glass is a beautiful art form and very forgiving. Easy to pick up and be creative. You start with a clear "palette" of glass - for example 6"x6", 10"x10", or circle similarly sized. Then you place more colored glass on top of it to make a design. You pay for the piece by the size of the palette and pick it up in a week after they fire it. The studio supplies an endless supply of glass and advice. And they clean up after you. What a great time.

The glass is not really that sharp, as long as you work carefully. You can choose to cut your own, ask them to cut it for you, or use pre-cut scrap pieces.

The prices are very reasonable considering the price of the glass and the fact that all the lessons are included in the price.

I was impressed with the two women entrepreneurs who founded and run the studio, and their business model. The place is unique and attracts a lot of tourists. The mother-daughter duo are artists and teachers, and it shows in how they walk you through the process of designing your own piece of art. No design is wrong or ugly. We are lucky to have a business like this in town.

I had so much fun that I am going to bring my mom and grandma here next time they visit for a mother's day gift. And I may get my mother-in-law to go next week when they visit if there is time.

Stephanie, the oasc leader that arraigned this adventure, took pictures, so as soon as I get them I will post them!

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