Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog-casting live from Panera Bread in Blacksburg, VA. Tom and I are on our way to the Smokies for the weekend. He is working today in Salem and Blacksburg, and then we will be on our way. Instead of camping we will be staying in a cabin near Pigeon Forge. Some light hiking and sight-seeing is planned, but mostly looking forward to un-planned leisure and quality time together. Great Smoky NP is the most visited NP in the country. Hopefully we will beat the Memorial Day rush by going a week early.

The cabin has wi-fi, so I will keep you updated with photos if I have time.

I drove around campus some this morning. I really miss Virginia Tech, and I had dreams of returning here to teach engineering someday or retire and work at the library.

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  1. You HAD dreams? Don't you still have them? Have new dreams replaced them? I hope so, because it is sad to think of dreams dying.