Friday, May 29, 2009

Arts of Martial

I had a great karate practice on Tuesday. This was only my second regular practice since the accident. These are longer, more rigorous, and formal than Fridays, and you can't take a break whenever you want (well, I guess you can, but it does not look good).

Master Campbell taught this practice and it was very good for me because we reviewed all katas up to Pyung-an 4 which is my highest kata. Everything is coming back to me. But my stamina is way down.

My karate is different now. I feel the moves and I am more aware of my body. I guess it is all change for the good. I am just glad to be alive and walking and practicing karate again.

Thursday I went to my first Kendo practice. I had a great time and quite a workout. I decided to go today because I thought that it would be good therapy for my back and Tom is out of town on a business so I had time to kill.

My karate experience was a big help because footwork is half the battle. Using the boken (wooden sword) felt natural to me and did not hurt my back.

If you are wondering how I am going to fit in another activity, well I don't know. Kendo was fun but my passion is still in karate. I will keep going to Kendo on Thursdays as time allows.

If you are wondering about my terminology, check out Myo Sim, the style I practice.

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