Friday, May 15, 2009


We arrived at our mountain cabin this afternoon outside of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee after an uneventful drive (except for the traffic in Sevierville). Soon after we got all of our stuff inside it poored down rain with a big thunderstorm. We watched from the porch. After the rain let up a little the birds came out, and it was amaizing. This place is a birder's paradise.

Within the first hour I saw and/or heard all these birds:
- Scarlet Tananger
- Black and White Warbler
- Eastern Pewee
- Indigo Bunting
- Tufted Titmouse
- Cardinal
- Towhee
- Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher
- Carolina Wren
- Flicker
- American Goldfinch (a family of 5 in a tree)
- Downy Woodpecker
- Common Raven

We also heard a Northern Green Frog (it makes a rubber-band 'twang').

After the rain cleared up we headed back to the quaint part of Sevierville (only 10 minutes on the back roads) for the "Bloomin', Barbecue, and Bluegrass" Festival. Because of the bad weather the place was not too crowded (it continued to rain throughout the evening). Tom said that he had the best bbq ribs in his life.

We heard a whip-poor-will in the dark not too far from the lodge.

I would like to post photos but the internet (satellite) connection here is really slow, but I am glad to have some connection!

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