Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday was a good day and another milestone for me in my recovery. It was my first day back at acac and karate. The open practice is much less formal, and I helped teach the kids by doing slow basic kata with them. The workout was good for my back and my mind.

Today was a crazy busy day. We decided to drive to the Ikea store in Woodbridge and stop at the Fredricksburg Battlefield on the way. The visitors center was nice, but the traffic in Woodbridge was terrible.

We got two chairs and some accessories for our living room. Amazingly both chairs fit in my Outback so we were able to take them home today without too much trouble.

We also stopped at a sofa discount store in Fredricksburg and found and nice couch and loveseat set that we both liked at a decent price. A very nice quality brand called Rowe based near Roanoke.

Our new sofa looks like the white one in the picture, but in a "butterscotch" brownish color. They will be delivered in about a month.

The day was very long and tiring, and reminded me again that I am not completely healed. My back is sore, I couldn't walk as fast as Tom, and my purse felt like a ton of bricks by the second hour. He was very accommodating and slowed down for me, and was ok with me sitting down and taking breaks.

On the way home in the sunset sky we saw a cloud that looked like a heart. Awww....

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  1. Hey, that's great that you were able to get back to karate! Too bad I wasn't there; I need to practice so many, many things. All the kids I used to work out with on Friday will be so far ahead of me by the time I get back in a couple of weeks.