Friday, September 30, 2011

Strike Update 2

I am still having a hard time with Tyler. See my recent blog post on the strike.  Well, since then we have really taken it easy and not gone out too much. He has been doing well but still very distracted.  I can only feed him in his dark room with the white noise.  I am feeling very isolated because we can't go anywhere because he will not feed anywhere but at home.  And I don't want to give him any bottles because I feel that was a big part of the strike. Tom has been away for the past two days on a business trip. So Tyler and I were out several hours yesterday and today and it did not go well at all.  He will nap at my friends' houses but not breastfeed ?!?!  This is very hard.  And now Tom is going to be out all day tomorrow.  This is crazy. I just can't stay home all day every day.  Gosh, I wish our society was more home-centric.   I wish my work, family and friends all lived next door... So far the hardest part about being a say-at-home mom has been the isolation.

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