Monday, September 12, 2011


Day 2 - Sunday, Sept 11, First full day of vacation.

I fed Tyler at 5am when he woke up and I had trouble getting him to go back to sleep so Tom helped out. I watched the sun rise over the Atlantic from the house windows. Later in the day I took Tyler for a walk on the beach in the carrier. He was fascinated by the new sights and sounds.

The mosquitoes are ferocious here.  There has been a lot of rain so they are abundant any time of the day, especially when the wind is calm.  It's a pain to go the the car or the extra frig outside because they swarm you the second you walk outside and follow you back into the house.

I went shopping for a new bathing suit since I forgot mine.  I got a bikini for the first time.  Maybe bold since I just had a baby, but I am feeling comfortable in my new figure.

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