Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OBX 3- Tyler's First Ocean Swim

Day 3 - Monday, Sept 12.
Up at 4 A.M. and again at 9.  Watched dolphins swim by. 

Tyler's first day in the ocean.  There are little pools knee deep created by a sand shelf so the waves are not to strong, so I took him in the water and he seemed interested.  I would not say he enjoyed but but he did not hate it either.  I tried to get him to nap in the beach tent but that was not happening so we headed back to the house.  He got a bath in the the kitchen sink and after a good nursing session he took a nice long nap. 

Non-sleepy nursing is still a no-go.  Bedtime ritual is taking two hours every night.  Tom starts out with giving him a few ounces from the bottle, then rocking and singing to him to get him to calm down.  Then I come in after he is drowsy and nurse him to sleep.  He then wakes up an hour later and I nurse him back to sleep on the other side.

Before bed Tom and I went in the hot tub.  But we had to spray our heads and necks because of the mosquitoes. 

The sleep deprivation is starting to catch up with me.  I must take a nap during the day.

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  1. Sometimes you still gotta "sleep when the baby sleeps." I take a nap with Haleigh during the day.

    Glad Tyler kinda liked the ocean.. Haleigh absolutely hated it :(