Thursday, September 15, 2011


Thursday, Sept. 15.

My back feels much better and Tyler slept until 7 A.M.!  The family watched Tyler while Tom and I went swimming on the beach.  The waves were a little higher today but I did not learn my lesson from the other day.  I did some boogie-boarding and learned that if I stay in from the inital crash of the waves, the ride is not as good but there is less of a chance of getting flipped over and hurt.

Tyler skipped his evening nap and went to bed an hour early without much fuss.  Breastfeeding has been going well.

For the first time in our visit we can't see the moon and the beach is very dark here at night.  A storm is blowing in from the northwest and the wind has really picked up.  We lucked out on the weather so far: sunny and mid-80s every day.  Tomorrow will be cooler and raining but that's ok because we have to spend at least half the day packing and getting ready to leave because the checkout time is 9 A.M. Saturday morning.

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