Friday, July 31, 2009

Yellowstone to Craters of the Moon

Day 8 - Friday July 31, 2009

After several extensive searches of all three rental vehicles, I concluded that my brand new GPS was lost. I am notorious for misplacing things, so I did not panic when I could not find it the previous day. In my search and disarray, Tom called the park headquarters and found it. It turns out that I left it at the Old Faithful Visitor Center two nights ago, and they took it to the Park headquarters in Mammoth Springs. The only problem is that it was 35 miles out of the way (70 round trip) from the route to our next destination in Idaho. Luckily, everyone in our car was ok with this side trip down a road we had not traveled yet. We were rewarded with a grizzly bear sighting (in the distance) and a bald eagle near the road.

My Lonely Planet Guide turned out to be valuable this trip, but it too has its flaws. We decided to stop in West Yellowstone for lunch, and the recommended restaurant was closed, and replace by another. We decided to give it a try anyway, because of its name, "Kiwi." It turned out to be a New Zealand joint run by a native. We told her about our upcoming trip, and she gave us some tips about eating out in her country. The British style fish-and-chips were excellent.

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