Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yellowstone, continued

Day 7

They say that you will see more wildlife driving the roads of Yellowstone than hiking the trails of Yellowstone. Well, this seemed to be true for us, especially early in the morning. On the way to Mammoth Springs in the north-west part of the park we saw a grey wolf near the road that was supposedly feeding on a carcass in a small hollow. The only way we knew it was there was the people pulled over with a ranger all pointing at the same spot in the distance. After several views through my binoculars (also necessary equipment in Yellowstone), I was able to catch a single shot of the wolf.

From Yellowstone NP

Mammoth Springs was a nice visit and less crowded because we were there early in the morning. These were different from the springs of the Old Faithful area because of the beautiful terraces.

From Yellowstone NP

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and it's waterfalls were beautiful, I just wish that we could have hiked the canyon instead of just driving around it and getting out of our cars to see it. Maybe next time :)

We found a herd of bison near the road, with some bulls surrounding a group of cows and calves. Two bulls had a fight, close enough that we could hear them grunting and their heads clanking together when they charged. Just like on the nature shows. A little too close actually, just enough to make my heart skip a beat.

Off to the side of the same field, I captured one of my favorite images of the Yellowstone portion of the trip. A solitary bull next to the Yellowstone River.

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