Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 2
Some of our group arrives late due to delayed flights. Most have been up since 4am eastern, and some have not slept at all. I am just grateful that Tom and I were able to take an extra day from work to arrive the day before and meet the group refreshed and ready to go. Jere stays behind to meet Joe and the other late ones. The rest of us climb into the other two rental vehicles and head the our campsite at Coulter Village in Grand Teton NP. Along the way we stop for groceries.

Our first view of the Tetons. From Grand Tetons NP

After talking to my parents on the phone, I decide to attempt to fix my camera. So I borrow a needle-nose plyer multi-tool from Clement and while waiting for lunch, I bend it back. Not too hard. And the exposure seems correct. Crisis averted.

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