Friday, October 21, 2011


After a full week of missing, Miley is back at home safe and sound.  At 8 this morning a neighbor come by and said she saw her, and we searched for over an hour.  Then around 11 am, another neighbor called.  He almost had Miley coming to her but another neighbor's law service just turned on their mowers and scared her into the 12" drain pipe that runs under the driveway.  So he stayed on one side and I built a rock gate to block the other side and ran to get the small animal trap that I borrowed from a friend.  I set up the trap with food in front of the pipe and eventually after a few minutes after the mowers left, she walked into the trap.  Then I just carried her home in the trap.  Good thing for the trap and the pipe because it would have been very hard to catch her by hand because she was so afraid and would not come to me while in the pipe.

Now she is home and seems just fine and healthy.  She lost a few ounces but that is all.  Billy did not recognize her at first but is fine with her now.  After some food and water, she is back in her favorite place sleeping like nothing ever happened.

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