Sunday, November 27, 2011

(Almost) 8 Month Update

Wow! Tyler is almost 8 months old.  He is a joy and I feel like this is a really fun age.  He is always happy and sleep problems are minimal.  And no, he is not crawling yet, which seems the be the most common question I get right now.  But he can sit without using his hands to prop himself at least for a few seconds before toppling over. While playing he enjoys laying on his stomach and can scoot around and reach for toys.  And when he sees something he really wants he can roll towards it.  So he seems pretty content with his physical abilities.  I don't think he will be crawling by Christmas but I have been told that things can change quickly.

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  1. 8 months! Oh my goodness! I'm going to start coming to Birth Circle (north) meetings. I couldn't come this week because poor Haleigh bugs has croup! :( I miss you and tyler so much!