Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Miley has been missing for 4 days now.  It is really getting me down.  We have gone from looking in our little sub-division, to the whole neighborhood.  Under decks, up in trees.  Lots of flyers.  Yesterday we got one call from a resident in an adjoining neighborhood, which is not all that far if you cut through the woods.  Luckily the weather is good for kitty-hunting.  I am a bit shy, so it has been hard for me to just walk up to strangers, hand them my flyer, and tell them my predicament.  The kids in the neighborhood have been heartwarming, searching all around, and through them the word has been spreading faster than we can pass out flyers. 

My biggest fear is that we never get her back.  My next biggest fear is that we get her back and she is injured or has contracted a disease.  She is really shy so she must be terrified.  I feel terrible because her escape was my fault.

From Kittens: Growing Up Schultz

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