Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our typical day...

Our typical day starts 7-8 am with a diaper change and feeding. This is the time of the day that Tyler shows me his new skills. Lately he grabs his feet and rolls to his side, all while babbling and razzing. He squeals with delight, especially when he sees his meal coming.

Tyler is ready for his first nap soon after his first feeding, almost like a continuation of his night sleep. It's easy to get him to take this nap, just put him in his crib awake or mostly awake. I usually get some breakfast and go back to sleep.

Then after a two hour nap, another diaper change, feeding, we have some good, hard play time. We rotate between the bouncy seat, bumbo, play mat, and crib with the mobile. He does not like tummy time much, but we are working on that. Part of the time I get down on the floor and play with him, other times I prop him up so he can see me while I get ready for the day or do house work while talking or singing to him. Sometimes we venture out for a quick trip to the store right after his feeding in lue of play.

One and a half to two hours of awake time is all Tyler needs before his next nap. I know he needs his nap when he starts getting loud, hyper, fussy, or just quiet with a distant stare. If I get him back into his crib in the magic window, it is pretty easy to get him to take his nap (after some wind-down time). If I wait too long it takes longer to help him fall asleep.

Tyler's afternoon nap, typically 1-4pm, is when I can venture out on my own if Tom is working from home. I can go to the gym, run errands, or shop. This habit of his developed about a month ago, and has been truely liberating for me.

We try to have dinner finished by 7pm.  Tyler hangs out in his swing or bouncy seat while we eat and we talk to him or hold him.  This is the time of the day that Tyler likes to laugh, especially when his dad laughs with him.

Before bedtime, Tom gives Tyler a  bath every two or three days.  Otherwise I give him a quick wipedown with a warm washcloth if he is in the mood for it.  Then I feed him to light classical piano music until he is almost asleep and set him in his crib.  Lately it takes two or three more tries of coming back in his room to help him calm down and go to sleep.

I feed him one more time around midnight before I go to bed.  This is what is called a "dream feed" where I pick him up, feed him, and set him back down in his crib without him ever waking.  Then he sleeps all the way until 7am! 

So, that's about 6 feedings a day, about every 4 hours during the day and every 2-3 hours in the evening.  If I am away, Tom feeds him a bottle of expressed milk (Tyler has never had formula).  We've had a babysitter twice and that has worked well too.  Tyler is very good for her and my mom too.

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