Saturday, August 13, 2011

4 Months Old

Tyler is doing great.  He is really growing and developing both physically and emotionally. 

Two weeks ago we moved Tyler to his crib in his own room.  The transition was fairly smooth and liberating for everyone in the family.  It was a big step for me, leaving our bedroom showing that he is not a newborn anymore.  I believe that our movements in the room disturbed him and woke him, especially in the morning when Tom was getting ready for work, even though he was very quiet.  I sleep much better now, and Tyler lets me know if he is hungry through the baby monitor.

We also dropped the swaddle, or at least Tyler told us that he was going to rid himself of it.  Keeping his arms in helped him fall asleep, but he was free by morning and it did not seem to make him wake early most of the time.  I started out with no swaddle for naps and moved to night time.  Now he sleeps in a one-piece outfit and Halo Sleep Sack

Here are some of the milestones Tyler has reached:
  • hold his head and trunk steady when supported at his waist while sitting
  • roll onto his side, but not all the way over yet
  • while on his stomach, he can lift his head all the way and look forward. 
  • bear some weight on his legs when I hold him up on my lap
  • keep his head level with his body when I pull him up to a sitting position
  • grab a toy (most of the time) and bring it to his mouth
  • turn his head when someone comes in the room and or talks
  • laugh out loud, especially when enticed by his daddy
  • squeal with delight, especaially when he sees his meal coming
  • say ah-goo and make razz noises, among other babbling and "talking"
  • notice the cats walk by him

Tyler is a joyful, happy, and content baby.  As long as he gets his naps, he is not fussy and rarely cries.  He laughs with us and plays by himself at least half of the time.  When adults are making converstion around him, he stops and studies them.  He enjoys stroller rides and looks around to take everything in.  Sometimes he has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and wakes more than once a night, but never more than a few nights in a row.  Difficult nights are usually followed by good naps the next day to give me a break.

Tyler's growth is right on target and the breastfeeding is going well.  We are both hungry all of the time, but that's the way it's supposed to be :)

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