Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Aniversary, Billy Ray and Miley

A year ago today I brought home two sick foster kittens from the SPCA.  They had eye infections and upper-respitory illness.  Someone at the SPCA named them Billy Ray and Miley.  I had to force-feed them with a syringe because they were underweight and uninterested in eating (especially Billy). 

From Our Kittens

Before long they were feeling better and I realized how special they were.  We had 10 foster kittens before them, and although it was hard giving them back, I was able to do it.  With these guys I became very attached very quickly.  And maybe it was because they were so sick and we nursed them back to health.  But they were very well behaved (as well as kittens can be) and loving. 

From Our Kittens

We travel a lot, and it took me a lot to convince Tom to keep them.  My parents have been wonderful in cat-sitting for our long trips (especially to New Zealand), and the kittens don't seem to mind too much (but Smokey does).  We got them used to traveling at an early age.

From Our Kittens

 Tom is a very good Kitty Daddy and performs all feeding duties, including the 6am meal every morning when Billy scratches our bedroom door. They are very spoiled and get fed every 3-5 hours because we can't leave the food out our else Billy gorges himself on his and Miley's food after she walks away when full.  I perform all litter-scooping duties, a less glamorous job, but rewarded when Miley insists on leaving me a present every time I am in the middle of scooping.  I have coined the terms "Food Czar" for Tom, and "Poo Czar" for me. 

From Kittens: Growing Up Schultz

These two guys have a special place in our hearts, and look forward to many more years with them.

Our Kittens

Kittens: Growing Up Schultz

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