Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tyler's Baptism

 A whirlwind weekend.  Many family members converged on Charlottesville to share in this special event, the most since our wedding. 

The prep work started last Monday when I scoped out food at Sam's Club and picked up supplies at Wal-mart (a special outing for me because Tom watched Tyler during the day).  Then Tuesday we started cleaning the house.  I spent all day Friday picking up with the help of my friend Rachel.  The first guests arrived Friday evening: Bobby (Tom's brother), Megan (Bobby's girlfriend), and their dog Ginger.  They drove over 8 hours from Ohio.

Tom shopped for the reception on Friday, and prepped all day Saturday.  More cleaning and picking up by me on Saturday.  Then my family arrived Saturday afternoon: My mom, dad, brother Eric, and his wife Elizabeth.  They stayed in a hotel.  Megan and I ran to Kohl's to shop for clothes for the service. 

Tom's family arrive Saturday evening: Tom's mom, dad, sister Christiana, Aunt Ria, and Grandmother.  They stayed at the same hotel as my family. They drove over 6 hours and hit a lot of traffic.

We all met around 6pm for dinner at Bonefish Grill in Hollymead.  Tyler got fussy and tired halfway through and slept in his car seat, thank goodness.  Then we hung out at our house and the weather was nice so some of us sat out on the back deck.

Tom woke early Sunday morning for more prep work and to pack the car.  The family attended Mass together, except for me, Tyler, my mom, and Elizabeth, who helped me get out the door.  Tyler does not get up until 10 or 11 every day, and I was not about to wake him!

The baptism was beautiful.  Bobby and Christianna are his Godparents.  Tyler was a little fussy during the service, and I used his pacifier to keep him quiet, something I don't normally do.

The reception was at the church and went great, thanks to Tom's prep work and our Cville friends for setting up things.  We had deli meat sandwiches, fruit, corn-tomato-avocado salad and chocolate cake. 

Tyler had a lot of trouble getting to sleep Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  He was overtired and I got him to bed a little too late every night.  He took a lot of naps Monday, as if to make up for lost sleep.  But overall he did great all weekend being social with minimal fussiness during the day.

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