Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Easist Bedtime Ever"

I got to go to Birth Circle last night and Tom watched Tyler and put him to bed.  Tom said it was his easiest bedtime ever.  Tom gave him a bath starting around 7pm, gave him a bottle and he was off to sleep by 8:15pm.  Lately Tyler has not been doing well at night - taking a long time to rock to sleep, and then waking again 10 minutes after putting him down.  Usually because Tyler missed naps and/or got to bed too late.  This causes fussiness in the evening and trouble falling asleep.  This good bedtime last night was a breakthrough for all of us, and made me feel better about getting out and leaving Tyler with Tom.  Tom does great, but if there is a chance of fussiness, it is hard to handle on your own! 

And then Tyler did not wake until 6am!  After a full feeding he went back to sleep until 11am!  Wow.  What a great sleeper.

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