Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's Ride and Cookout for MS150

Today we had a cookout at Amy's house, our fearless MS150 Team Leader.  Beforehand some of us did the same loop we did last week.  Compared to the Walnut Creek area rides, the loop was very flat, and my average speed went up quite a bit.  This made me very happy.  And I was faster than last week! 

Here are my training rides to date:

DATE  LOCATION    Dist(mi) Time(hr) Avg Spd(mpg)
3/31 Earlysville     13.5  1.00     13.5
4/4  Standardsville  14.7  1.20     12.
4/7  Candlewyck      13.7  1.25     11.
4/10 Walnut Intl Tri 22.4  2.00     11.
4/14 Walnut Sprint   19.4  1.75     11.
4/15 Candlewyck      13.7  0.92     15.
        total miles: 97.4 

Note my average speed 4/7 versus 4/15.

The cookout was a big success and I think we got some more people to join the team, and a few more people to volunteer at the OASC tent on the first day of event (June 12).

I forgot the gps at home, but I timed the hike, and the loop was the same as last week.

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