Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is it time to go yet?

Ok, so I'm a little excited to go to New Zealand. So excited I'm already packed, and I still have two weeks till we leave. Crazy, but I feel better now that I am done. Here is a picture of everything I am bringing. The suitcase is small enough to carry on, but I will be checking it because I will be carrying on the backpack (yes, it looks big but I have done it before). The light green bag is my frameless day-pack that will roll up in the suitcase, and the black camera case I will carry on also.

I am bringing my new D90 and two lenses: 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 (good light-weight travel lens) and Sigma 10-20mm (for creative stuff). I am also (maybe) bringing my laptop.

From Matt, our trip leader: "If you can manage it, consider packing only enough to do as carry-on / no checked baggage."
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  1. we are SO not going to have room in the cars for everyone to have bags x3. Seriously...don't bring the laptop.

  2. I will be posting an update blog on this. I have changed my mind and will be only bringing the overnight backpack and the day pack (empty), and the laptop is out. Tom will be bringing his day pack and a medium duffel (checked).