Friday, February 5, 2010

I re-evaluated my packing scheme and decided to forgo the suitcase and laptop.  I got some 2.5 gallon zipper bags to help organize my clothes in my top-loading backpack.  My green pack will be used for day hiking and will go under my car seat when not in use.

Backpack I am bringing to New Zealand.
From Ramsey's Draft
Day pack I am bringing to New Zealand.
From Old Rag SNP

Tom will be bringing his day pack (as seen in this photo from last October), and a medium sized duffel bag (that will be checked and will hold some of my things too)

From Austin Mt-Furnace Mt Hike SNP

Tom was able to unlock an old Blackberry and bought a SIM card for it that will allow us to make calls from NZ as a local phone. It also has a cool free feature called Travel Journal which will track us in NZ and send emails with our location. It says you can have Facebook track it too.

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