Monday, November 2, 2009

Job Suff

Some of you might know that I work part time as a mechanical design engineer.  My hours have varied from 20 to 30 hours per week for the last year and a half, depending on the work load.  I use a 3-D Computer Aided Design software called SolidWorks to make 'virtual' electro-mechanical devices.  Being married and working part time has really improved my quality of life.  Before, I worked 40-50 hours per week and commuted 45 minutes each way.  I enjoyed my work but I was always exhausted and spent the weekend recovering.  Sure, I get paid half as much, but my job is just a fulfilling and I feel as if I get just as much done.  And now I have a social life, personal life, and even a gym life, all while getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night.

I am experiencing my first recession since graduation, while working for my first private company.  The nation-wide situation did not hit home for me until February when they laid off more than half the people. On Friday my company laid off another two people and reduced the hours of many more.  I was reduced to 8 hours per week, with the possibility of working more depending on the workload.  I feel lucky to still have a job, and until now I was immune to reductions because engineering has been working really hard to roll out a new product.  But things are on hold now for me during emi and ul testing. (I am really worried that work will pick back up in time for our n.z. trip) 

After my boss broke the news to me, he gave me some positive feedback on my job performance. I responded with positive things about my job and the company, and my value to the company to be flexible when work is needed. 

I am trying to keep a good attitude about all this by thinking of all the wonderful things I can be doing with all the extra time....I just need to stay off the couch....

  • Organize the attic boxes from my parents house that have been sitting in our garage.  
  • Deep clean the house.  
  • Winterize the garden.  
  • Play with the kittens.  
  • Mid-week day hike.
  • Go the the gym and take some Pilates reformer classes. 
  • Help a friend plan a backpacking trip for this weekend.

Karate training has been going well.  I hope to test for blue belt in Janurary. 

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